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The first site to be born using the technique of 'random', but at first only in this version of the text chat.

The site has become a video chat after the birth of chatroulette.

You have the ability to allow or deny access to your webcam, but in the first case you have a higher chance encounters.

This is one of the best alternatives to 'chatroulette', with a serivice also avaible for Android and iPods devices.

This video-chat in the past did not have many controls, and this made ​​her very liberal, with the risk of seeing performances unpleasant, but now have increased controls and this risk has decreased.

Omegle is a random chat very frequented, normally has an average of 30,000 visitors stayed in the moment.

Omegle has a world-wide coverage in terms of connected users and this allows you to expand your cultural knowledge and to colonize the world!

It does not require any registration.


  • connect your webcam and press VIDEO!
  • press NEW, to go to the next stranger!

More informations about Omegle

With omegle you can enter into the life of strangers around the world, and you do it over and over again. Leif K Brook was the first to invent the 'random chat' technique, Leif K Brook invented Omegle-text before anyone else!

Now Omegle is also video, but you can still decide if you want video-chat or just chat. Personally I think the best thing is video-chat to avoid being one day a character in the television series 'catfish'.

But anything is possible and the best part is just that! If you want you can try Omegle, if you don't want you can choose between many other 'random chat' available on our list. Make your choice without any constraints and enjoy yourself.

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